BreakAway Entertainment is an Independent full entertainment company in Nashville Tennessee, with strong market positions in recorded music, music publishing and Web Design.
The recorded music business arm discovers and develops recording artists and then markets and promotes their music across a wide array of formats and platforms. BreakAway Entertainment's music publishing company, Herrick KDK Music Publishing, discovers and develops songwriters, and owns and administers copyrights to musical compositions for use in recordings, public performances, and related uses, such as films and advertisements. While BAE's web Design arm designs and delivers top websites across the globe.
In 2009 Kerry and Donna Herrick of the band Herrick founded BreakAway Entertainment as a DBA of Herrick Music Incorporated. With Kerry Herrick serving as President, Donna Herrick as Vice President and a board
of directors of top music professionals.



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In the U.S., BreakAway Entertainment's Distribution manages the sales, marketing and distribution of all their Artists. All assets in all formats including digital, physical, streaming, subscription and mobile. In some markets outside the U.S., BAE handles their own distribution and sales. BAE is in search of sub-contracted services to third parties willing to enter into distribution joint ventures with other record companies.