When Herrick takes the stage you see them and the spell is complete. Donna-She lets loose something the opposite of righteousness. It's a howl, full of hurt and anger and life. Starts on the highest C note that 99.9% of female singers can't hit, she opens up like into a reeling chorus. Donna's pioneering vocal, a kind of audible kiss, a blurted confession backed by a fierce mandolin. Jefferson's master guitar sounds, Kerry's legendary bass beats combined with his tight harmony blend. Bradshaw's magnificent wash of drums and cymbals full of passion. All of this through a dizzying, hour-long crescendo until the final band hit. You see them where they truly belong - where they are meant to be.

- IAMA - International Acoustic Song of the year "Pain In My Heart"
- IMEA - Nominated International Alternative Band of the year
- IMA Award - Best Country Song - "Cry Memphis" - IMA Nomination
- Best Story Song - "Hangmen Hill" - IAMA
- International Acoustic Group of the Year
- 3 Americana Music Nominations: 
   * Album of the Year
   * Emerging Artist of the Year 
   * Duo/Group of the year 
- Airplay Direct Best Alternative Country Band
- Featured in Relix Magazine
- Over 100,000 total sales


"This little girl can really sing!" George Jones
"Sometimes - given the high volume of CD's that pass across my desk, it's tough to get anything on the first listen. You typically have to go back, and listen to a disc a few times before you realize whether you 'get' the act or not. I only needed one listen to tell you that Herrick is the real deal, and may very well contain the next great female voice of this generation in Donna Herrick."  Billboard Magazine 



Release to Radio March 13th 2017

* First Single: "Do You Love Me":
- Media Base Charting Debut #18
- Won Best Music Video Telly Award
* Single: "Pain In My Heart":
- Highest Chart Position #68
- Won IAMA Award
* Single: "Cry Memphis":
- Highest Charting Position - 50
- iTunes Chart #50
- Won IMA Award Best Country Song

"I was excited when I learned that Herrick would release a new CD this April. After listening to the tracks from the new project, I realized that Donna's voice has gotten even better over the last few years. She could probably sing the phone book and make it interesting, but that's not the only thing that makes it unique. Donna has the uncanny ability to breathe emotion into a song and make the listener feel something. It's that moment when the lyrics of a song become more than just words.
In addition to Donna, Herrick is made up of Donna's husband Kerry, Jeff Bradshaw and Jefferson Rogers. While most people that review Herrick's music (including
myself) often rave about Donna's vocal abilities, every member of this band play an important role in the band's sound. The harmonies on "Cottonfields" are wonderful. In addition, the instrumentation and arrangement of the songs is superb. The music helps bring the words to life and it goes a long way help develop the tone of the entire CD."  
Rick Amburgey, No Depression Magazine
To read online:

"The ten song collection explores traditional American music, but builds off the band’s debut and extends their reach as well. The album production reflects that vocalist and mandolin player Donna Herrick is the album’s indisputable sonic heart, but Herrick isn’t a glorified solo act. The remaining three members are obviously top notch talents in their own right and give Herrick the best possible vehicle for reaching global acclaim."8 out of 10 stars By Shannon Cowden, Band Blurb To read in whole online
"Cottonfields establishes Herrick as one of the best Americana pop/rock bands today flying under mainstream radar. There are a number of songs included on Cottonfields tailored for mass consumption from first note to last, but there’s more, thankfully. There’s honesty to this music coming off every song and the band’s lead singer delivers them with a passion few can match."
 By Lydia Hillenburg, Vents Magazine To Read in whole Online
The dynamite new partnership on the Americana scene today, Kerry and Donna Herrick, follow up their critically acclaimed debut New Dance with this ten song set. It isn’t entirely fair or accurate to pigeonhole what it is that Herrick does. The partners have outstanding collaborators with Jefferson Rogers playing a triple threat of guitar, lap steel, banjo and Jeff Bradshaw keeps everything a steady tempo, but they scarcely confine themselves to aesthetic purity. 4 out of 5 stars By Jason Hillenburg, Skope Magazine
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Herrick isn’t your typical pop country product. They have the songwriting chops to produce memorable, radio-friendly material, but they also rock out with surprising conviction and confidence. Much of their ability to master two decidedly different musical stances is thanks to vocalist Donna Herrick’s jaw-dropping ability to change her approach with apparently little effort. The band’s facility for this quick change ability is equally vital – Herrick’s rockier excursions sound every bit as convincing as their marriages of acoustic guitar and mandolin.8 out of 10 stars By Joshua Stryde, Music Existence  To Read in whole Online:

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